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6.6kw Solar System With Battery Price | Get The Best Quote
almost 2 years ago

People installing 6.6kw solar system with battery or without it has become a common sight on the rooftops of the Aussies.


The reason can be the clear fall in the price of solar panels, subsidies by government or feed in tariffs.


Hence if you are looking to have one keep on reading this blog to know various aspects on 6.6kw solar system.


Why to go for 6.6kw solar panels?


6.6kw solar system installation can offer you more kilowatts of energy compared to dollars you spent.

Thus if you get 10kilowatts per hour or more a 6.6kw solar system will be a more better choice for you.


How many solar panels will be required for 6.6kw solar system?


The answer of this lies on the size of the solar panels used for installation. For example if you use 370 watts of panels – the 6.6kw solar will consist of 18 modules.

How Much Energy Can A 6.6kw Solar Panels Produce?


The energy production of any solar panels can depend on various factors like

  • Climatic condition of that area
  • Orientation and tilt angles of solar panels
  • If any shading issue on roof with solar panels

What is the payback period of 6.6kw solar system?


Talking about the payback period of 6.6kw solar system you can assume a return in 4-5 years of your installation.


Assuming the fact that you have install panels properly, solar energy is enough and you have paid a reasonable amount for solar panels.


Moreover you can also use a solar calculator to get a calculated payback period on such solar system.


What is the price of 6.6kw solar panels in Australia?


Well the price of 6.6kw solar system can range between $5200 - $9000 ranges.


Again it depends on various other factors like quality selection, installation charges and so on.


That’s why you can have panels around $220 or more for 2 extra panels with module capacity of 370 watts.


Further you can also look upon 6.6kw Solar System Sydney in case you livin there.


If you are done with infuriating on 6.6kw solar system and price factors, then you should move towards the next big step of finding the right solar installer Australia.


Further if you feel it’s not your field to take on decision trust on Top Solar Quote.


Get Affordable Quotes On 6.6kw Solar Power System

With the subsidy offerings also, solar panels have become a significant investment and as with any trade here also you can have good or not so good solar installers.


Hence if you are also going solar and looking for 6.6kw solar system price, you are at right place.


Make yourself count in our free service of getting 3 best solar quotes from professional installers at your nearby location.


You can choose among them as per your needs and requirements and get your installations done.

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