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How Do Solar Panels Work At Night & In Winter?
over 1 year ago

Even though, solar energy is around now for long enough. People still have doubts, misconceptions, and myths about it.


It is a new-age technology that is still modifying itself, so it’s somehow understandable that people are not fully aware of its functions.


In this particular blog, we will address and try to break some of the myths associated with solar panels. For example, people are still confused Do Solar Panels Work At Night or not. They have doubts about the working of Solar Panels In Winter.


After reading this, you will have a different approach while thinking about solar panels. So, let’s start with addressing some of the common myths about solar panels.


Breaking The Myths About Solar Panels

People who have no knowledge or half-knowledge about anything are the reason behind the spreading of ruse and myths about anything.


Similarly, solar energy is still a developing technology. There is a lack of proper in-depth knowledge on the subject among the general public. So there are myths associated with it.


Some of the popular myths about solar panels are addressed below:


#1. Solar panels are not effective in winters

One of the most popular myths about solar panels going out is this one. People think that solar panels won’t work in winters. But the point to consider is that the PV cell in the solar panels needs light not heat.


As long as the panels get some sunlight, they’ll produce electricity. In fact, Installing Solar Panels in winter is a better decision. The efficiency of the photovoltaic cells increases in the winter. 


#2. It is not a good idea to install solar panels in cold climates

Examples of Germany and Canada evidently prove that it is a myth. Both these countries have freakishly cold climates and still, they are able to produce a significant share of their total energy consumption through solar panels.


Germany has a freezing cold climate and it produces almost 50% of its total energy consumption through solar panels. The low temperatures are the reasons behind How Effective Are Solar Panels In Winter.


#3. Snow can ruin the solar panels

This is a genuine concern among the people living in areas prone to heavy snowfall. But in reality, there is nothing to worry about.


The PV cells are coated with a protective layer that keeps them safe from any kind of damage from snow, heavy winds, and other such environmental factors.


In fact, the presence of snow can increase the efficiency of the solar cells as snow reflects light.


#4. You can’t store solar power

Storing solar power is as easy as it can be. You just need to add a battery to the solar panels and you are good to go.


This is how you can get uninterrupted power both day and night; solar panels produce power during the day but you can store it for nights. A solar system of adequate size with a good battery backup makes you self-sufficient for electricity needs.


#5. Solar panels are not worth the investment

Most people think that solar panels are not worth the investment that it requires during installation. Yes, initially the solar panels' setup cost a lot.


But they pay back their price within a few years by saving you enough money on power bills. Solar panels work well in summer and even the solar panels winter efficiency helps a lot to get you back your initial cost.


So all these are things you hear about solar panels, are just myths. This implies that solar panels are much more effective, efficient, and a smart investment.


Now let’s see how does solar panels work at night.


How Solar Panels Work At Night?

As you already know, solar panels need sunlight to generate electricity. There is no sunlight available at night to convert into electricity.


So how would you get electricity at night with the help of solar panels?


There are two ways to power your home at night with the help of solar panels. The first one is to add a battery to your solar system and store the excess power generated in the day to use at night.


The Second method is Net Metering. Your solar system usually generates more power than you need for your household requirements.


So the excess power that is left gets transferred to the grid and metered unit by unit. At night you get this power back for your use.


In these two ways, solar panels work at night as well to power your energy requirements.


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