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Which are Best Solar Brands in Australia? [ Updated 2021]
over 1 year ago

Choosing the top solar brands has become quite a difficult task as the market is being flooded by a large number of companies that claim to be the best.


All of them have solid reasons to believe in themselves but the final decision is yours to make that which is best for you.


In this blog, we are going to compare three top solar brands in Australia that include:

  • Jinko solar
  • Trina solar
  • Risen solar

All three of them are established and reputed names in the solar industry. We will compare Risen vs Trina vs Jinko Solar Panels and find out which one is really the best of them.


Let’s start with Jinko.


#1.Jinko Solar Panels

The Jinko Solar Panels Company founded in 2006, has been the pioneer in the solar industry during the last decade. The company started the manufacturing of solar panels in 2008 and since then it has been a trademark for quality and assurance.


Jinko invests a lot in research and always looks to improve on their technology. This approach has made Jinko a very popular brand in the past few years.


Jinko offers the best in class warranty period and its customer support is unmatchable throughout its lifetime. In the comparison of Jinko vs Trina solar panels, it scores a full score.


Some top features of Jinko solar panels:

  • They can withstand and sustain high performances in extreme climates.
  • Jinko offers a warranty of up to 10 years.
  • They can survive wind load up to 2400pa and snow load up to 5400pa.
  • They use the best glass technology to ensure optimum power output.
  • They offer best-in-class prices

All these features make the Trina solar panels vs Jinko a highly tough one to decide the winner.


Now let’s talk about Trina.


#2.Trina Solar Panels

Trina is among the leading brands in the solar manufacturing industry because of its innovative technology and highly reliable reputation. It is one of the Tier-1 solar manufacturers.


Trina solar panels deliver powerful performance with the help of their cutting-edge technology and brilliant working mechanism. This is the reason Trina being among the top choices for home rooftop panels in Australia.


On comparing Trina vs Jinko panels we see that Trina offers around 19.9%% efficiency and provides a product warranty of 10 years.


According to the Trina solar panels review, these are some unique features:

  • Powerful all-around performance.
  • Steer through extreme weather.
  • Very low-priced as per its specifications.

Trina’s innovative technology has been the sheer cause of making its reputation and special place in the market.


The next one on the list is Risen solar panels.


#3.Risen Solar Panels

Risen is a Chinese solar manufacturing company and it is one of the largest manufacturers of solar energy equipment. The bran is known for its best-in-class efficiency and powerful performance.


Risen made its first appearance in Australia in 2008. Since then, it has been producing residential and commercial solar panels and it also deals in full utility-scale solar projects.


The Risen panels review suggests that it has the maximum warranty period as compared to any other brand in its range.


Its powerful performance in the low range of Risen solar panels price is the main reason behind its popularity.


The unique selling points for Risen solar panels are:

  • Offers product warranty of 12 years.
  • Performance warranty of 25 years.
  • Now has been established in Australia.
  • Best performance in its price range.

Having gone through all the Risen Solar Panels Reviews we can confirm that you won’t get better deals in the Tier-1 section than Risen.


Before you go, let us tell you some points to look out for before choosing the best solar brands.


Points To Remember

Following are some points that you must always consider before choosing the solar panels brand for your home:


  1. The background of the come must have a reliable track record.
  2. As solar panels are an expensive investment, you must always lookout for the best efficiency.
  3. Solar panels last for years, so you must have long term warranty to cover the maintenance and repair needs.
  4. The solar panels you choose must be high in terms of performance.
  5. To ensure the best customer service, the manufacturers must be from Australia.

If you adhere to all these points, then you’d probably land the best deals to buy solar panels for yourself.


Final Words

As we have already discussed the top three solar brands and also have told you the points to look for while buying solar panels. There must be no confusion left for you.


If there are doubts, then you have a place to go where you can get them solved.


You can reach out to us  where our trained and highly experienced solar experts are available to solve all confusions and doubts related to solar energy.


In our short service, we have helped many clients to meet the best deals of their lifetime. If you also are looking for a solar deal, Topsolar Quote is the place.


Here you will be guided to the best installers and best deals according to your requirements.


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